Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua gave me confidence

Ironically, this week I bring you a historical romance novel sprinkled with desire, silk, and poetry! Last week I did a book review about taking a spiritual journey! Read the book review for In Tune With the Infinite here!

Lila DiPasqua’s book Awakened by a Kiss had three fervent stories that took place in France in the mid-1600s.

The Sleeping Beau

Lila began her novel with the Sleeping Beau, a Marquis named Adrien Christophe d’Aspe de Bourbon. Complicated describes the relationship that Adrien had with his father, the King of France. The King was a womanizer and had a reputation that superseded him. The King fathered multiple children with countless mistresses, including Adrien and his step-sister Charlotte. Adrien met Charlotte at Comtesse de Lamontte’s home; she hosted a week-long event. It’s quickly revealed that Charlotte was in love with Philbert; a man that was engaged with a beautiful fiery-haired widower named Catherine de Villacourt.

Charlotte immediately began plotting the collapse between Philbert and Catherine. As sister’s do, she included Adrien in her plan without his consent. Adrien is striking and has a way with women. Adrien wasn’t interested in any plotting. He’s known for his seductive ways but doesn’t want to get involved or become his father. As the evening progressed, Catherine arrived at the gathering unaware of who she was about to run into. Five years earlier, Catherine had an unforgettable sexual encounter with a foreign nobleman. Unfortunately, her handmaiden was wrong about the man; the nobleman was not a foreigner, it was Adrien. Unbeknownst to her, Adrien remembered every single fiery moment they had spent that night. He only needed to see the color of her hair to remember how she had woken him up. *wink wink* He remembered how they engaged in the most passionate sex he’d ever had.

Sleeping Beau was full of twists, comedy, and resistance. Catherine’s handmaiden Odette made me smile and laugh! I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to keep reading more. I’m glad that when Sleeping Beau ended, I had another parallel universe gifted by Lila to fall into.

Little Red Writing

The story of Little Red Writing was held in the Comtesse de Cottineau’s grand chateau. The Comtesse was a part of a community that had weekly discussions with scholars, philosophers, etc. Due to a sudden family emergency, the Comtesse had to miss that week’s gathering. She left three talented writers she Sponsored to host the prestigious event.

Anne de Vignon played Hostess, in the absence of the Comtesse, while making her rounds a gentleman catches her fancy. She jumps at the opportunity to ask her two sisters, Henrietta and Camille, about the mysterious gentlemen. Not knowing who he is and Anne is too curious to wait, she ventured the crowded Salon to find out.

Nicolas de Savignac eyed Anne and his sisters most of the evening. He’s on a mission from the King as a musketeer to figure out the identity of a mysterious writer. This is his opportunity to show the King what he’s capable of and how much he’s dedicated to his career as a musketeer. He needs to find the writer! It’s either the Comtesse or one of the sisters. He was there to find out.

The problem was that the writer was printing volumes through illegal means. Additionally, the volumes specifically addressed the mistreatment of women from noblemen in that town. The volumes caused an uproar among the Royals that the King demanded them to be stopped. By the time Anne reached Nicolas, he and his friend Thomas had a story set that would help them continue their investigation. After exchanging pleasantries, he explains to Anne that the Comtesse is his grandmother and planed to reconnect with her.

Reading this steamy encounter between a closed-up belle and a dilemma filled beau, enticed me to finish this portion of the book as quickly as possible. Lila did a great job guiding the story along naturally but strayed from the fairytale in her own magical way.

Bewitching in boots

Last but not least, Bewitching in boots followed a strong-willed Elisabeth de Roussel who was on a journey of sexual discovery with a man she’s deprived of. She’s been married before but had been widowed for at least a year. She found out her father was planning on marrying her off, again, but this time she wanted to pick her husband before it was too late.

Tristan de Tiersonnier held the position of the King’s Private Guard for years. There had been an attempt on the King’s life. As a result, Tristan saved the King but was injured. Months passed with little improvement on Tristan’s injury. He was dismissed as the head of the Private Guard and was sent home. Angry with the dismissal, Tristan refused to do anything other than to wallow in self-pity.

Elisabeth arrived at Tristan’s rundown chateau. Purposely, dressed in a thin shirt, trousers, and black leather boots. Stepping out of her carriage, she faced the approaching, limping, and fuming Tristan. With her wits and strength, she convinced Tristan to let her stay. Well, she decided to bypass him and head straight to his home. She demanded she received fencing lessons from him, but with his leg and reluctance, it’s resulted in a difficult task.

Bewitching in boots was a great way to end the book. All three of the protagonists were written with strength, passion, and confidence. Each protagonist had an internal battle, yet there were able to overcome it. Lila DiPasqua wrote three fantastic novels in less than 337 pages.

If you want to read this historical novel for yourself, follow this link!

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