The Perfect October Read: She named me Wolf by Tenkara Smart (Book 1)

This month I read She named me Wolf by Tenkara Smart.

She named me Wolf by Tenkara Smart

This complicated story began when Wolf was a baby. As he grew, so did his curiosity. Always getting into unnecessary and dumb trouble was his specialty!  It was the kind of trouble that any typical kid can get into as they grow up. He guides you through his life, learning about his difficulties, school bullies, and his Father. He may have food and shelter, but Wolf is missing love, understanding, and affection.

Wolf is a gentle, caring, and compassionate boy. As he ages, you learn that Wolf is gifted and resilient. The relationship with his Father is warped and heavy.  At a young age, Wolf began picking up on his Fathers abusive cues. He knew when he was going to have a peaceful night and a terrible one. The trauma his Father put on young Wolf’s shoulders shapes him sadly and beautifully. With the support of his Mother, Wolf began taking martial art lessons. The lessons toughen him, give him strength, and the support he lacks at home. 

The author immerses you and fills you with empathy. No detail goes missing in Wolf’s life as Tenkara makes you feel like you are seeing everything he is seeing. It is as if you are living and growing with him, so he does not feel alone. 

I cheered him on, I cried for him. I was even angry for him. She named me Wolf is an excellent novel. It is full of child-wonder, joy, excitement, love, and suspense. 

Make sure to add this beautifully written book to your collection. Buy it here!

About the author:

Tenkara Smart spent most of her life living in Southern California before moving to Doha, Qatar and then to Melbourne, Australia.  Tenkara earned a Bachelor degree in English Literature, minor in Creative Writing from San Diego State University before working for a major running retailer in the United State.  After twenty years, Tenkara retired from the role of Vice President of Operations and began her writing adventure.   She published her first young adult novel titled She Named Me Wolf in 2020, book one in the series The Many Lives of Wolf.  The series is based on the idea that one soul is reincarnating and travelling through many lifetimes, and Tenkara is in the process of working on book two in the series which focuses on the life of a samurai warrior in feudal Japan.  
When Tenkara isn’t writing, she and her husband travel, eat amazing food, and enjoy a cocktail or three, as well as play tennis, squash, mountain bike, and kayak.

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