3 Reads for April 2021

It’s April again, this time last year I was getting used to quarantine and now I’m getting used to socializing at work again. For this month’s reads I wanted the 3 reads to be helpful to everyone. One to help you internally, externally, and financially. Let’s begin…

Inward by Yung Pueblo
  1. 1. Inward

For one to learn how to learn  themselves, heal themselves, and to love themselves and others, may come from the words of another. Young Pueblo’s short, but strong poetry collection is a healing voyage spread across a few hundred pages. Divided into five chapters, Inward will take readers into a mindset they may never imagined to be possible!

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

2. Outliers

Billionaires. Professional athletes. Rockstars. There are only a few groups of what an average person may consider to be an “outlier”. What makes a person successful? How does one succeed and become well known across the globe? After reading Outliers, I now have a better understanding of how one achieves everyone’s dream: wealth. Malcolm Gladwell paints a clearer picture of how to analyze some of the world’s most successful individuals; which questions to ask as to how they achieved success, and what it takes to become an outlier among the common.

Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

3. Smart Women Finish Rich

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t confused as to why a man was writing a book about helping women become wealthy. What would he know about finishing as a rich woman? David Bach understands that women don’t have the same access to money like men do. A lot of women depend on their husbands financially. David Bach, a financial adviser, gives readers a glimpse into his upbringing to show how he became able to help women of diverse financial backgrounds, develop and maintain financial lifesavers. With his nine-step program, Bach shows how anyone with any financial background can finish rich.

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