Book Spotlight: The Crestalium

One of my favorite genres is fantasy. I find it refreshing, incredible, creative, you name it! I like imagining that there is magic in the world, even if it is just in books! I particularity love the variety of worlds all sorts of minds have created. This Book Spotlight features Charles Sterling’s book The Crestalium. I had been itching to read a fantasy book for a while and I can honestly say I got my fix.

It starts off with the talented young woman named Stella who lives in a beautiful town covered in snow called Fayhelm. She doesn’t have a lot of friends except for Lanter, a talking pumpkin or a magical creature called a Nox! Stella lives on her own in a dorm style room at a magical school and is top of her classes. Just like any other gifted child, she excels in all of her classes but more in particular… because of her extraordinary curiosity and love of learning!

Lanter is attempting to wake up a stubborn Stella that likes to sleep in late or always asking to stay in bed for another 5 to 10 minutes! Their dynamic through out the story was very natural and they seemed just like siblings. Lanter cares a lot about Stella but has a special way of showing it, he uses a lot of sass and caution. On the day we meet Stella, she’s getting ready to go out and practice her own magic… Sometimes resulting to be dangerous! She finds school boring yet loves to experiment with new spells. Right off of the bat, you realize how powerful Stella’s magical abilities are and how creative she is with her powers. She has a hard time listening to authority, you find out how she’s gotten in trouble because of her curiosity. It explains why her only friend is Lanter.

You discover how magical bizarro Earth is, there is a mix of technology and magic. As the story develops, the author exposes you to continuous stream of magic and suddenly you’re on a mysterious adventure with Stella and Lanter. The sudden adventure is due to a magical experiment gone wrong. With the new spell she created and tried, an avalanche takes her and Lanter. As she recovers from the sweep, she stumbles upon a magical train with a mysterious crystal campus.

In the adventure you learn about Stella and Lanter. She’s a bit careless, goofy, and happy! Lanter is on the other side of the spectrum where he is cautious, observant, and on edge. He’s always worried about Stella but for a very good reason as her carelessness and alchemist self is always getting them in to trouble. Through Stella’s accidental efforts they end up on a magical train going on a crazy journey. This magnificent magical train is the cause of Lanter’s stress and satisfies Stella’s unsettled heart.

While searching the train and fighting monsters, Stella finds a crystal that almost resembles a compass but instead brightens as it guides them you towards an unknown location. Despite this, she was up for an adventure. In this fantastical journey, Stella meets some very incredible mentors, interesting creatures, and dangerous beasts.

She’s put on the spot several times. Was made to think on her feet. Pushed to fight for her life and her friends. Her heart is big and soft, fierce and full of love. Reading this story reminded me of my youth, I’m not saying I’m old but the impulsivity and love for life is something I lack lately… This books makes you wonder what you’d do in their shoes.

It’s inspiring and exciting. It’s youthful yet full of wisdom, lessons, and an unexpected twist. I dare you to go along this almost life changing journey with Stella. Charles Sterling’s book the Crestalium does a superb job creating a whimsical world that immerses you and makes you jealous that you’re not a part of it.

If you’re interested in continuing the story, you can find The Crestalium here! You can also find Charles on Twitter – @charlesimagines!

About Charles Sterling:

Charles Sterling’s mission is to make his readers feel like an excited child again through the magic of writing. But first, he needs to have his morning coffee, or else the magic wont work!

Taking genres and themes inspired by gothic pixie fantasy like Alice in Wonderland or Tim Burton’s movies, he loves to create whimsical worlds with dark undertones.

If you’d like to read ore book reviews or would like any suggestions follow the link here!

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