Book Spotlight: House of Sleep

Hello Readers! In this Book Spotlight we will be discussing sensitive topics all while blowing your mind. House of Sleep quickly turned into a book I didn’t know I needed in my life because sometimes you just need to cry.

Trigger warning, we will be experiencing a cult, suicide, abuse, and unresolved trauma.

Lynn is a therapist who’s close to opening up her own practice. She’s a codependent professional who is madly in love with a fascinating character with an interesting backstory named Michael. They’re living their best life, engaged and pregnant. You catch glimpses in between these moments of Lynn experiencing very vivid dreams. Dreams that tend to come true.

One day Michael is on his way home to Lynn… He ends up in a car accident and dies. This devastating news rocked Lynn’s world. The overwhelming grief she feels takes over her life and in the process loses their child. Despite the weight of these first few chapters, Brad Kelly creates a beautiful world full of mystery and suspense. As you get engulfed in the book living the life of Lynn, you switch to Daniel.

Daniel’s story is an interesting one. It made me reminisce of a story I wrote when I was younger. Growing up with religious and strict parents, Daniel’s story really resonated with me and I’m positive that it will to any reader. He experiences extreme abuse, love for his brother, and strength are inspiring. Daniel wants to find his brother. Although he’s not sure how long he’s been gone but he promised he’d return for him. He then decided to take the situation into his own hands. Although he was malnourished and frail, he left his father’s grip to find his loved one.

Lynn is having a really hard time recovering from Michael and their babies death so she’s encouraged to go on this “self-care” retreat of sorts to a home called the House of Sleep. This is where she meets the head of this retreat who’s called the Divine Man. The whole point of this retreat is to help struggling with depression improve, at least that is what is insulating. As the story progresses the situation at the House of Sleep becomes more intense. You learn it’s a sort of project that needs people with special abilities. Do you see where I’m going with this?

This book has a great progression of concepts deep as the unexplored floors of the ocean.

Eventually, Lynn and Daniel’s paths cross at the house and an immediate connection occurs. At first, they don’t know what draws them to each other. Only to find out that their connection goes past just caring for one another but for their loved one, Michael. This connection allows the both of them to slowly heal while being a part of a cult. As Lynn feels the need to leave things turn sideways and finds herself stuck in an unwanted situation.

It’s a gorgeous story with many twists and turns. It makes you think and want to forget. Brad Kelly wrote a story worth reread after reread, I can only imagine the things I missed the first round. Make sure to continue the story by buying this book here!

About Brad Kelly:

Brad Kelly is from nearabouts Detroit, Michigan. He has been awarded a Michener Fellowship and his short stories have been published in a number of literary journals. He is your friend. He will read your tarot cards.

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