Book Spotlight: Hâjogana

Frankly, I haven’t read a science fiction novel in a while. Not that I don’t enjoy science fiction, it’s just that there is so much of it out there and it’s hard to just pick one. I get stuck picking because of the giant mountain you have to climb through. Occasionally one tree stands out in the forest and Hâjogana happened to be that tree.

This Book Spotlight we will be featuring Samuel Yaw Jian Fong, an amateur writer as he humbly puts it. Let’s get started…

Samuel immerses you in his cruel world… A world that ironically resembles our own. It’s ironic because I can’t picture any other world like ours. With the same problems we have, how could it not? At least in it’s own variation of good and bad. It’s own variation of galactic royals, criminals, and heros. The world he creates is relatable, sad, and full of hope.

When you meet Hâjogana he’s sitting with his brother in the wild eating scraps and having a somewhat good time. Due to their royal birth and potential, these two boys are being trained to survive on their own in case of any apocalyptic type of situation. Rather than hardening the boys, this training taught them self-reliance and strength.

As Hâjogana grew, so did his ambition for justice and equality in a universe that didn’t desire the same. He became known for his skills and prowess in battle. A being constantly receiving praise but tied to others politically. Hâjogana may be free but his duties, obligations, and lineage forces him into paths he’d otherwise pursue.

Hâjogana is a well rounded character, he isn’t too noble nor righteous. His drive pushes him through the toughest challenges, several fights, fires, and wounds. The adventures you go on with Hâjogana show you his humanity despite his hardships.

Hâjogana eventually get’s promoted to Vice Governor, a position that allows him to use his power for good. Immediately after receiving his title, Hâjogana begins making drastic changes to the current policies and with time a lot of the changes were unfavorable to his court. These changes were done with good intention, the problem was that others did not want to see such changes be implemented. Reading Samuel’s novel brought out a sense of pride in me. It made me want to take action but in a small way.

This universal vision for peace and fairness is far from being quixotical, it’s honest and genuine.

Samuel’s creativity painted the pages of the book. From the worlds he created to the politics involved. He’s inspiring and impactive while being relatable. Although Hâjogana is the main character, you get to meet characters that attach to you. He makes you want to see these places in his galaxy with your own eyes. Hâjogana is worth a read if you’re ready for magic, scifi, action and compassion. You can find his book here and here!

About Samuel Yaw Jian Fong:

Samuel Yaw Jian Fong is an amateur author and artist from Malaysia who creates fantasy worlds in his spare time. He has a passion for creating stories ever since he was young, and he started writing books since 2018.

If you’d like to learn more about his fantasy worlds, check out the Rabydosverse Wiki here!

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