Book Spotlight: The Fetish Dictionary: Kinks A thru G

It’s a steamy Monday afternoon, the air conditioners are whirring while my cheeks are burning. It’s burning hot, outside.

Another thing that’s steaming and hot is this most recent Book I read called The Fetish Dictionary: Kinks A thru G by Contel Bradford. Now, this is NSFW and not for the feint of heart. Let’s begin the sexy adventure.

If you’re new to fetishes or kinks and you’re curious… This would be a great start. If you’re not new to NSFW, this is a great add to your kinky collection. It’s more than a dictionary, it’s a whole explosion of sexual fantasy without pictures. You just need a decent imagination because Contel does a great job putting it together for you.

It’s a dictionary but not… Instead of a definition of the kink, you get just a juicy description with a great story line and connections all in Louisiana. You start off by being introduced to the exquisite and delicious Connor Bradley who is about to win a Hero award. He’s super quiet and reserved as he accepts his award but you quickly meet his deviant side and a great introduction to the Fetish Dictionary.

In a glimpse you’re introduced to Audrey, an equally delicious babe who’s about have her (kinda) first time anal experience – after a stressful drive to Connor’s place. Jumping forward quite a bit, her experience left her scrambled and relieved! Unsure how it ended, all she could do was gasp for air.

As the story progresses, so do the fetishes. For example, Contel defines cuckolding very explicitly through the lives of Kati, Wil, and Darren. Kati is a beautiful woman with a forward and bright personality. She’s driving Wil to her friend’s house Darren. It begins with innocent play between Kati and Darren. It quickly escalates to them having sex while humiliating Wil or Itty (Kati’s special nickname for him).

Reading the Fetish Dictionary was both educational and thrilling. A few chapters in and I was blushing, I’m used to read romance novels but the level of detail in these is something that’s not normalized. Like the facesitting and the skill that a tongue can really have.

Contel shares sensual and heat raising stories of couples, friends, and strangers having explicit encounters. It’s flow was natural and smooth but rough and passionate. Purchase Contel’s The Fetish Dictionary here!

About the Author:

A seasoned freelance journalist and author, Contel Bradford is into reading, botanicals, horror, video games, and pro wrestling. Moreover, he LOVES adulting.

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